The State of Cloud Security

Cloud computing is fundamentally delivering on its promised business outcomes, including flexible capacity and scalability, increased agility, improved availability, and accelerated deployment and provisioning. However, security concerns remain a critical barrier to faster cloud adoption, showing little signs of improvement in the perception of cloud security professionals. Cloud adoption is further inhibited by a number […]

Ransomware being spread through Fortinet VPN Devices

A Canadian college and a global investment firm’s computer network were compromised with ransomware after hackers broke into the virtual private network of Fortinet devices. The incident was discovered by the security researchers from eSentire in October 2022. But for reasons they made the information public in Jan 2023. eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU) stated […]

PRODUCT REVIEW: FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service

Today, we are reviewing FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service by Fortinet, a Web Application Firewall solution to protect organizations against a broad range of attacks. FortiWeb Cloud provides effective and efficient protection for web applications and APIs against the broadest range of attacks, including OWASP Top 10 threats, DDoS attacks, malicious bots, and zero-day attacks. The solution […]

Help Your Security Team Sleep Better at Night by Reducing False Positives

As we deploy more and more Web applications, we run the risk of overwhelming our security teams if we don’t give them the tools they need. Specifically, if your applications sit behind legacy web application firewall (WAF) technologies, the demands on your security team can quickly become unmanageable.  Drowning in false positives that prevent legitimate […]

Acquisition deals that took place in Cloud Security business recently

First is the deal that took place between Fortinet and cloud security startup ShieldX early this month. The former acquired the latter for an undisclosed amount to give a more comprehensive view to administrators about the workstations, OT devices and end user devices connected to their networks. The deal took place on March 10, 2021 […]

Cloud Security startup Opaq acquired by Fortinet

Opaq, which offers cloud-based security as a service offering was recently acquired by endpoint security provider Fortinet for an undisclosed amount. Trade analysts say that the deal was formulated to strengthen distributed network protection to remote users and IoT devices located across the globe.   Fortinet announced that the newly acquired technology from Opaq will […]

Ransomware alert to Fortnite Game users

Fortnite, an online game developed and released in 2017 by Epic Games is in news for all wrong reasons. Cybersecurity researchers from Cloud-based Internet Security Company named ‘Cyren’ have discovered that ransomware in the disguise of ‘Aimbot’ gaming hack is being circulated on the hacker which turns into ransomware when downloaded. Syrk is the name […]

Apple MAC computers are now being targeted with Ransomware and Spyware

All those MAC users who are in an illusion that ransomware developers/hackers target only Windows PCs must immediately change their mindset after reading this blog post. As per a research conducted by Fortinet, two new variants of malware have emerged on the dark web which has been specifically created to target Apple computers.  One of […]

Fortinet extends support to strengthen Cloud Security in Corporate World

Cyber security software developing vendor Fortinet has announced that it is extending its support to strengthen cloud security feature in the corporate world. The American company announced in this week that it is going to achieve its objective by adding a Cloud Security Access Broker (CASB) to its product portfolio. Cloud Security is now on […]

Fortinet announces FortiCare 360 Cloud Security Service

California-based Fortinet Company has announced the availability of FortiCare 360 cloud security service. The service offers automated Security Fabric performance audits and assessments related to security appliance health for corporate IT resources. FortiCare 360 services help security engineers to proactively and continuously analyze FortiGate and FortiWiFi appliance health to determine possibilities for optimization and to […]

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