GCHQ launched Cyber Attack on Russia Anti-Vaccine campaign

It is a known fact that some hacking groups, probably funded by the Russian Government were immensely seen targeting the development of Oxford Vaccine with monkey memes and much disinformation. As the scientists from UK are close to finding a vaccine to block the spread of COVID-19 spread, Russian TV programme- Vesti News was seen […]

GCHQ says CyberFirstGirls to prevent Cyber Attacks

We all know that the future lies in the younger generation of now. And so Britain’s GCHQ is now all set to nurture young girl into code breaking in order to encourage women folks to take up cybersecurity as a career in the near future. CyberFirstGirls is the competition launched by the UK’s Government Cyber […]

Warning of GCHQ on Black Friday Cyber Threats

UK Cyber Intelligence Unit ‘National Cyber Security Center’ has issued a warning that the Black Friday sales could be targeted by cyber crooks from national and international levels. So, the UK’s cybersecurity defense agency, a part of GCHQ has warned all shoppers to stay cautious while shopping for the deal pickings. Readers of the Cybersecurity […]

Cyber Attack on UK Ministry of Defense

According to a news report of Sky News, the UK’s Ministry of Defense(MoD) has witnessed a total of 37 cyber attack incidents last year. And the blame is reportedly been put on the renowned Chinese hackers group named APT10. However, the report disclosed by the UK’s top-notch news channel doesn’t r reveal the facts on […]

Britain to combat Russian Cyber Attacks with £250 Million Cyber Force

United Kingdom has decided to combat its cyber adversaries with a £250 Million Cyber Force. The Theresa May led country has disclosed that the cyber force will help combat terrorist groups and criminal gangs apart from the Cyber Threats emerging from countries like Russia, China, and Iran. Britain’s Cyber Force includes experts from military services […]

Some exciting Cyber News for this Weekend

Well, we do not know whether this news might interest all. But we believe it surely has some substance to excite most of the reading minds. A bunch of Google employees is said to have signed a petition against their company for developing a separate search engine for the Chinese populace. They believe that the […]

GCHQ claims 5G network of UK is vulnerable to spies from China

Jeremy Fleming, the head of Britain’s GCHQ has warned that the 5G network which is about to be launched next year in the UK is extremely vulnerable to spies funded by the Chinese government. And he says that if in case, this happens, then it could pose as the greatest cyber threat to national infrastructure […]

Running app discloses locations and personal details of spies working for MI6, White House and GCHQ

Running App Polar Flow is found to be disclosing the location and personal details of spies working for GCHQ, White House, and MI6. Although the data revelation of the fitness app was unintentional, the security lapse could lead to serious consequences if state-funded actors and terrorist organizations such as ISIS get hold of such info. […]

England briefs its football players on Russian Cyber Threats

England Football Squad which is on a visit to Russia to participate in the FIFA World Cup Football 2018 was briefed by officials from GCHQ on how to protect their personal data from being siphoned by Russian hackers. Furthermore, the England Football squad was provided with a temporary ‘burner phones’ which will be used during […]

Russian Cyber Threat forces the UK to sign digital security Pact

Russian Cyber Threat has forced the United Kingdom to sign world’s largest digital security pact worth £15 million. The digital agreement is expected to include leaders from 53 nations to sign the world’s largest cyber declaration which assures to join forces to combat criminals and hostile actors engaged in cyber warfare. As the cyber threat […]

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