Cyber Attack on UK Ministry of Defense


According to a news report of Sky News, the UK’s Ministry of Defense(MoD) has witnessed a total of 37 cyber attack incidents last year. And the blame is reportedly been put on the renowned Chinese hackers group named APT10.

However, the report disclosed by the UK’s top-notch news channel doesn’t r reveal the facts on who was hit by the attack, the damage caused by the interception, data breach details, and other outcomes.

Britain’s National Cyber Security Center(NCSC) partially admits the report and adds that state-funded actors from nations like China and Russia have become a major threat to the country’s digital infrastructure.

As disclosure of incident information could increase the risk of a cyber attack against the IT capabilities, computer networks and communication mediums of public and private digital infrastructure, the government is said to have chosen to remain silent on the issue.

Sky News says that the MoD was hit by cyber incidents of several variants which includes data sent in an unprotected format which could easily fall prey to those eavesdropping on the web traffic. In few cases, the info which was meant to be ‘surreptitious’ was left unsupervised inaccessible areas.

In two incidents, mobile phones and laptops used by secret agents were siphoned to access the info from the device by hackers.

UK’s Ministry of Defense has declined to comment on the issue by saying that it has no need to comment on specific security arrangements or procedures.

NOTE- In the year 2013, NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed to the world that US NSA along with GCHQ hacked the customer database of Belgian Telecommunication and Internet Provider’s ‘Belgacom’. And FYI the database included contact info and other crucial details of those using the Telecom services and this includes those hailing from the European Commission and the European Parliament.

So, why screech when some other nation tries to sneak into your secrets….?

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