Salary of the Director of National Cyber Security Centre

To all those who are searching for the salary received by the director of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), here’s an update. A 4 member security expert’s team led by Oireachtas Committee investigating the cyber attack on Ireland HSE has agreed to pay the new director of NCSC a paycheque between €220,500 and €290,500 […]

National Cyber Security Centre for Sweden

As the national infrastructure and the private companies operating in Sweden were being targeted on a constant note with cyber attacks, the government of Nordic nation has planned to establish a National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) soon. The NCSC will be in lines with the cyber arm of UK’s GCHQ and will be managed by […]

NCSC provides tips to ransomware victims

The National Cyber Security Centre, a cyber arm of UK’s GCHQ, has handed over some guidelines to businesses desiring to stay away from ransomware attacks. Citing an example of a UK based firm that was struck by a ransomware gang two times earning them close to £10 million, the government setup security organization advises not […]

UK NCSC issues Cybersecurity warning to Schools n Universities

As more and more US schools are being targeted by cyberattacks from the past few days, Britain’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), a cyber arm of GCHQ has issued a warning to all Universities operating across the UK that there is a high probability that their critical infrastructure might also be targeted by hackers or […]

UK Sport Sector especially soccer leagues are super- vulnerable to cyber attacks

Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a warning that UK’s sports sector especially the soccer league clubs are super vulnerable to cyber attacks as they can act as treasure troves to hackers when exploited. The cyber arm of GCHQ says that hackers are targeting sports bodies with 3 common cyber tactics like business […]

Huawei barred from cyber threat sharing and NCSC alerts UK universities against Cyber Attacks

Huawei which was banned by the United States from supplying 5G network equipment to public and private companies has been blocked by the Trump administration from sharing info related to cyber threats. So, from now on the world’s second-best Chinese smartphone supplier will no longer receive updates from companies which might slow down its noesis […]

Google to introduce highly encrypted Chrome Browser in TOR style

Google, the business subsidiary of Alphabet Inc is all set to introduce a highly encrypted Chrome browser soon which will be in lines with the TOR Browser. Highly placed sources who are working on the success of the project report that the browser is mainly aimed at governments which are imposing internet parental control systems […]

Huawei 5G Mobile Security risks can be managed says the UK

Britain’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has issued a green signal to the use of 5G technology from the Chinese company Huawei and added in its statement that the mobile security risks involved in using the technology from the company can be managed with precision. Thus, UK becomes the only country to support the innovation […]

GCHQ says CyberFirstGirls to prevent Cyber Attacks

We all know that the future lies in the younger generation of now. And so Britain’s GCHQ is now all set to nurture young girl into code breaking in order to encourage women folks to take up cybersecurity as a career in the near future. CyberFirstGirls is the competition launched by the UK’s Government Cyber […]

Warning of GCHQ on Black Friday Cyber Threats

UK Cyber Intelligence Unit ‘National Cyber Security Center’ has issued a warning that the Black Friday sales could be targeted by cyber crooks from national and international levels. So, the UK’s cybersecurity defense agency, a part of GCHQ has warned all shoppers to stay cautious while shopping for the deal pickings. Readers of the Cybersecurity […]

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