UK National Cyber Security Centre launches Email Security Service


UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, shortly known as NCSC, has launched an Email Security check service that will help organizations identify cyber threats lurking in spoofed emails that can lead to data breaches.

The newly released email security check tool dubbed ‘Mail Check Service’ doesn’t ask for any personal details or for a login. It is free and is available to all industry sectors.

Britain seems to be on a cybersecurity mission to safeguard its IT Infrastructure from Russian hackers. And to bolster the security, the cyber arm of GCHQ has devised email security controls that help in keeping a tab on email domains and check for any spoofing emails hitting the network leading to privacy risks.

Interestingly, the tool cannot be used by cybercriminals to identify any vulnerabilities in email servers as it is only available to companies that are already registered in the fair-operations database of NCSC.

Currently, Mail Check Service is only available to public sector organizations, local authorities, utilities, and emergency service and organizations serving the healthcare sector. And soon, there is a high probability that its support can be extended to companies operating in the private sector.

The only negative aspect of this service is that it cannot identify threats lurking in individual emails or email domains and can only identify spoofed domains such as,, and such…

Those already receiving phishing emails or suspect receiving malicious emails can forward them to [report at the rate phishing dot gov dot uk]


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