Salary of the Director of National Cyber Security Centre


To all those who are searching for the salary received by the director of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), here’s an update.

A 4 member security expert’s team led by Oireachtas Committee investigating the cyber attack on Ireland HSE has agreed to pay the new director of NCSC a paycheque between €220,500 and €290,500 excluding the regular allowances.

NCSC, a cyber arm of GCHQ, is leading the probe on who launched the digital attack on Ireland’s Department of Health. As the security agency’s director position is vacant for months, Blathnaid Carolan, the Cybersecurity recruitment specialist felt that the position has to be filled by a potential prospect before the end of June 2021 and so took the initiative to recruit a person having the right skills and experience for the position.

As the role demands a lot of hard work from the Director, the position is said to be rewarded with the best salary on par with the private industry.

For this reason, Ms. Carolan outlined the salary ranging between €220,500 and €290,500 per annum along with additional benefits ranging between €150,300 and €200,000 per year.

Therefore, the right person with the utmost qualification termed experience will be asked to take the role as the Director of the National Cyber Security Centre and his/her pay-cheque will be as stated above.

Meanwhile, an investigation launched by NCSC in association with Gardai and the defense forces states that the hackers who launched a cyberattack on HSE systems were only able to breach the network and never succeeded in accessing or stealing the data.

Conversely, HSE Ireland took an injunction order from the court which prohibits the redistribution of any stolen patient data as a criminal offense.

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