GCHQ launched Cyber Attack on Russia Anti-Vaccine campaign

It is a known fact that some hacking groups, probably funded by the Russian Government were immensely seen targeting the development of Oxford Vaccine with monkey memes and much disinformation.

As the scientists from UK are close to finding a vaccine to block the spread of COVID-19 spread, Russian TV programme- Vesti News was seen spreading rumors over the Oxford University found a vaccine that it makes humans transform into Bigfoot eventually turning them into apes after 6 months of its injection.

Such group of hackers are being labeled as Antivaxers whose only motive is to spread false information about the upcoming vaccine to create chaos among the Britain public, leading to political unrest.

NCSC, a cyber arm of GCHQ, has given a befitting reply to these hostile targets by launching cyber attacks to retaliate the anti-vaccine propaganda being spread by Russia.

A specially developed software tool kit used by ‘77 Brigade’ was engaged last month to block the fake news and recruitment material related to Islamic State- suspected to be spread by Moscow to weaken the West for its own interests.

GCHQ has blocked such misleading campaigns by monitoring the web and tracking down the sources that were spreading the disinformation in the disguise of some Islamic groups. It has also made sure that all the data related to the vaccine development was stored in an encrypted form and away from any kind of snooping eyes.

The law enforcement headquarters of UK has also taken the help of other nation partners via ‘Five Eyes’, to cyber attack websites that were spreading misinformation against Oxford’s vaccine development program.

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