US Employees found hacking for foreign government

All these days, we have seen US Intelligence breaking into the networks of foreign nations to conduct espionage or to gather intelligence. But now, here’s a news story where US employees were found hacking for foreign government. The highlight in this news is that all those who were serving foreign governments were caught guilty and […]

Constella Intelligence Upgrades Hunter for Efficient, Targeted and Intuitive Investigations

Company’s Upgraded Product Allows Analysts to Identify Real World Identities Behind Critical Threats LOS ALTOS, Calif., Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Constella Intelligence (“Constella”), a leading global Digital Risk Protection business, today announced the release of Hunter, a platform for investigating threat actors and unmasking attackers that helps users efficiently attribute identities and identify further intelligence across multiple […]

Malware attack on Yandex Search engine of Russia by ‘Five Eyes’ Intelligence

Russian Internet Search Company ‘Yandex’ was cyber attacked by a malware named ‘Regin’ and the nation’s intelligence is pointing fingers at ‘Five Eyes’ Intelligence sharing alliance formed by Australia, New Zealand, Britain, United States, and Canada. Reuters which 1st shared the news piece with the world on Friday last week says that the attack was […]

China launches Cyber Attacks on Australian firms

China is reported to have launched repeated cyber attacks on firms operating in Australia which is a clear-cut breach of the bilateral agreement made by the two countries to not steal commercial secrets of each other. This news was disclosed to the world after the discovery of the facts in an investigation launched by Fairfax […]

Top Two Cyber Attack stories for this day

The government of Netherlands has accused Russian intelligence of cyber attacking the database related to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons(OPCW). Officials say that the spying activity was identified on April 13th this year and 4 Russian agents were expelled from the country by Ank Bijleveld Schouten- the Dutch Minister of Defense. Early […]

The Secret War Against the United States: Cyber and Asymmetrical Warfare

ARMY CYBER INSTITUTEWEST POINTThe Cyber Defense Review “The Secret War Against the United States” The Top Threat to National Security and the American DreamCyber and Asymmetrical Hybrid WarfareAn Urgent Call to Action Read the full Cyber Defense Review on Download the PDF. ABSTRACT Imagine if Pearl Harbor had been attacked and there had been no response […]

Kaspersky Lab signs Cyber Threat Intelligence agreement with Interpol

Kaspersky Lab has decided to raise its commitment towards fighting cybercrime and so has signed a Cyber Threat Intelligence agreement with INTERPOL. And according to sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the agreement is designed as a legal framework to facilitate and develop cooperation between Kaspersky and Interpol by sharing data related to threat intelligence […]

Banks in UAE launch a war on Hackers with a new Cyber Threat Intelligence Initiative

It seems that the banks in UAE have launched a war on hackers with a new cyber threat intelligence initiative. The UAE Banks Federation (UBF), a professional body representing 49 banks as members have made it official yesterday that it is launching a new initiative to combat all future cyber threats. UBF has launched 2017 […]

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