NATO Classified documents stolen from Portugal Army database and sold on dark web

Portugal’s army was set on high alert as sensitive documents related to NATO were stolen and being sold on the dark web from the past two days. Information is out that The Armed Forces General Staff Agency of Portugal (EMGFA) suffered a cyber attack last month and since it failed to pay a ransom, the […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Microsoft released a report that cloud applications are acting as catalysts for cyber attacks as it detected over 1.5 million attack attempts on cloud environments in a time frame of just 60 months. The technology giant mentioned in its Cyber Signals reports that most of the attempts were made by exploiting configuration errors by admins […]

NATO to launch Cyber Attacks as Retaliation

NATO, a military alliance that took place between 30 European North American countries has issued a warning that it would launch cyber-attacks in retaliation to threats of a similar sort. Issuing a press update on this note, the North Atlantic Council stated that it has given its nod to a Comprehensive Cyber Defense Policy that […]

US and NATO Satellites are vulnerable to Russia and China Cyber Attacks

All these days we have seen nations like US and UK criticizing other countries like Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran for launching cyberattacks against their national infrastructure. But now, new research conducted by a defense think tank says a different story. It’s believed that US and NATO command and control systems are themselves opening […]

Russia receives a stern warning from NATO for Cyber Attacks

Russia which faced sharp criticism for launching cyberattacks on western nations till date has now received a stern warning from NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization says that it will be ready to use all means at its disposal to react to cyber attacks and the warning goes to all adversaries of the UK including […]

President Donald Trump to shut down the internet to Russia

Well, this is what is being discussed on some of the technology forums such as Reddit right now. The news is out that Russia is preparing a simulatory cyber attack on its own nation in order to protect the national network from a potential cyber war with the US that could see President Donald Trump […]

Britain is vulnerable to Cyber Attacks due to the shortage of 50K Cyber Security specialists

Britain’s Critical Infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber attacks says Prof Paul Theron, a member of NATO’s cybersecurity research group which also offers security guidance to the European Commission. Theron offered his insight based on the fact that Britain has a shortage for 50k Cybersecurity specialists expected to extend to the upcoming decade. The Top Nato […]

News about Bitfinex and Ukraine NATO Cyber Attack

Bitfinex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges has disclosed that it is experiencing a burst of traffic(DDoS Attack) on its trading database and so has decided to shut it down till mid-Tuesday. In an official statement released at 9:39 am ET on Tuesday, the officials of the Bitcoin exchange website said that their trading engine […]

Cyber Attack expert issues World War 3 Warning of Aeroplane Crash and Water Poisoning

Merle Maigre, the Director of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence and an expert in analyzing Cyber Attacks has warned that the United States should be well prepared for shock cyber attacks from foes like Russia that could hack critical infrastructure and can cause plane crashes and water poisoning by contaminating water utilities. […]

North Korea, China, and Russia to launch Hyper War says NATO

NATO, the Inter-Governmental Military Alliance has predicted that the world is on the verge of witnessing World War 3 in the form of a ‘Hyper War’- a cyber war triggered by Artificial Intelligence. The Belgium based organization also went ahead and named North Korea, China, and Russia as nations working on this objective. General Petr […]

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