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Microsoft released a report that cloud applications are acting as catalysts for cyber attacks as it detected over 1.5 million attack attempts on cloud environments in a time frame of just 60 months.

The technology giant mentioned in its Cyber Signals reports that most of the attempts were made by exploiting configuration errors by admins in corporate environments. And the only way to counter the situation is to apply patches as early as possible, audit configurations employed by admins and use sophisticated security tools that are proactive.

Second is the news related to NATO. From the past couple of days, some blueprints belonging to a missile system developer are doing rounds on the internet and hackers who released the data claim the blueprints belong to a European Missile Maker named MBDA Missile Systems and the information of about 80GB is up for sale for a meagre 15 Bitcoins.

Currently, the incident is under investigation and so MBDA is yet to react to the news that hackers had accessed to the company classified data. The Italian company based in France has admitted that a compromised hard drive might have leaked the details to hackers. But failed to divulge more details, as the probe is still on.

Since all the NATO aligned nations are supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia, the attack is suspected to have been launched by a hackers group named Killnet funded by Kremlin.

Third is the news related to file encrypting malware. As per a report released by Barracuda Networks, the volume of ransomware attacks identified in between January to June 2022 is said to have reached 1.2 million per month on an average.

Researchers saw a rise in the attacks, as most of the targets were service providers whose impact was directly felt by customers.

Barracuda study also discovered that the industries that were affected were education, municipalities, healthcare, IT and finance.

Last is the news related to Montenegro, a nation that is in Southeastern Europe. Coming to the news, the government of Montenegrin has accused Russia of launching cyber attacks on its servers on August 22nd,2022.

The Agency for National Security, ANB, has also accused Russian federation of launching a hybrid war that is becoming inconclusive and is affecting innocent civilians.


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