No Cyber Attack on Apple devices

From the past few months, the fear of being cyber attacked seems to have gripped most of the technologists so much that every small outage is being considered because of cyber attack. The latest goes with the February 3rd,2021 disruption witnessed across all the apple products and services and that includes iCloud, Apple Music, the […]

Google down outage not because of cyber attack

From the early hours of Monday, i.e. December 14th,2020 many of the uses using Google’s online services experienced a downtime for almost two hours. And as soon as the services of the web search giant went down, people searched is “Google down” or for any Google Outage. Reacting to such queries, the internet juggernaut issued […]

Cyber Attack on Google did not cause outage across the United States

All Google services including Gmail, Search and Docs were down across the entire United States from 14:09 EST and some media resources claimed that the disruption was due to a cyber attack launched by a foreign nation. However, in a briefing released a few minutes ago, Google has officially declared that the outage was not […]

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram not down due to Cyber Attack outage

Though the world’s leading social media giant Facebook claims that it has recovered from an eight-hour outage, many people across the world are using Twitter to vent out their anger on the issues still being faced with Instagram and WhatsApp- which are now Facebook’s business subsidiaries. A group of users on Twitter and Reddit have […]

Venezuela power outage caused by US Cyber Attack

The populace in Venezuela is reigning under a power blackout which is suspected to have been caused by hackers backed by US Intelligence. Well, President Nicholas Maduro said so and added in his statement that his government has enough evidence to prove his claims. However, a statement issued by the US official a few hours […]

YouTube down due to DDoS Cyber Attack

YouTube streaming witnessed a 1-hour downtime in the early hours of Wednesday. So, people in many countries including Europe, US, Asia Pacific, and South America couldn’t stream their favorite videos due to the disruption. Reports are now in that a team of hacktivists named ‘The Ghost Squad Hackers’ was responsible for the downtime caused on […]

Arlo Security cameras suffer outage worldwide

Belgium based Security camera producer ARLO has made an official announcement on late Sunday which says that thousands of its cameras operating across the world suffered an outage for hours starting from this Saturday. The CCTV Company which is now a part of Netgear says that the issue started on late Saturday due to some […]

Cyber Attack on WhatsApp leads to a 2-hour major outage

WhatsApp which is a Facebook-owned business subsidiary was out from service for a couple of hours on Wednesday. And as per our sources, the outage could have been caused by a possible cyber attack. The service was down from 00:20 GMT+3 and was restored at around 2:20 GMT+3. Although, Facebook choose to remain silent on […]

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