Venezuela power outage caused by US Cyber Attack


The populace in Venezuela is reigning under a power blackout which is suspected to have been caused by hackers backed by US Intelligence. Well, President Nicholas Maduro said so and added in his statement that his government has enough evidence to prove his claims.

However, a statement issued by the US official a few hours ago, says that last Thursday’s blackout was not caused by any foreign interference, but occurred due to local corruption and mismanagement of the power corporation officials.

Going further into details, from Thursday last week, a glitch at the Guri Hydroelectric power station is said to have left the country reign under a power outage. Though the power was restored within 24 hours in some parts of the country, many of the regions were still in dark until Saturday.

Furthermore, few of the systems at the Sidor power plant were again knocked down at the grid on Saturday afternoon impacting the entire populace. FYI, Sidor power station has been sustaining the country’s power supply until the Guri system was being repaired, which is supposed to supply 80% of the country’s power.

“Till early Saturday, most of the systems i.e. around 70% of them were restored when we received info of another cyber incident at mid-day that disrupted the re-linking process impacting everything that had been restored before that hour. The news is out that infiltrators targeted the back-up systems in the second attack which led to major consequences in the electric company. It is a kind of electric war waged by the United States”, said President Nicolas Maduro.

While Jorge Rodriguez blamed the outage a well-orchestrated incident of US Intelligence.

Naveen Goud
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