India to use Artificial Intelligence to curb power thefts and check usage

India is probably the only country in the world to provide free power to all of their farmers, as these folks provide the nation much needed food for survival. However, only a few states like Telangana are genuinely offering free power to farmers, in a hope of stealing political mileage in the upcoming elections. But […]

Ransomware attack news trending on Google

A Colorado based energy provider dubbed Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) has made it official that it suffered a cyber attack early last month and wiped out historical information collected in the past 25 years, disrupting 90% of automated internal controls to the core. Although the attack was of ransomware genre, officials related to the energy […]

Russian ransomware attack was to black out nearly 3m Australian homes

A ransomware attack that has completely blacked out nearly 3 million Australian homes has now be attributed to Russian hacking gang ‘Wizard Spider’; unlike Chinese hackers, as speculated by a certain section of media a few days back. Queensland CS Energy, that witnessed a digital disruption on November 27th, 2021, has now found that the […]

Venezuela power outage caused by US Cyber Attack

The populace in Venezuela is reigning under a power blackout which is suspected to have been caused by hackers backed by US Intelligence. Well, President Nicholas Maduro said so and added in his statement that his government has enough evidence to prove his claims. However, a statement issued by the US official a few hours […]

Power systems in data centers are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Power systems which happen to be the most critical infrastructure of a data center are sadly the most overlooked architecture by Cybersecurity teams. The reason, most of the IT heads think that protecting the powers systems through backups and restricting physical access to them is enough to protect them from failures and blackouts. However, they […]

DARPA launches Cyber Attack on US Power Grids

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA) has launched a cyber attack on a power utility located in Plum Island, some 1.5 miles off the shore to Long Island, New York. The objective behind the attack was to experiment on how the power utilities can bounce back in the case of ‘Blackout’ scenarios via cyber attacks […]

GE offers a ‘Digital Ghost’ to make power plants immune to Cyber Threats

General Electric is offering a human immune system inspired ‘Digital Ghost’ which has the ability to make power plants immune to Cyber Threats. The American conglomerate says that its new offering helps power grids identify and fight harmful cyber threats in time before any cyber crisis causes disruption. In a media briefing offered to our […]

NATO tags the latest cyber attack as an ‘Act of War’

NATO released a public statement in the early hours of Friday in which it stated that the latest NotPetya ransomware which hit more than 12000 devices across 60 countries was looking like an ‘Act of War’ launched by a state-funded actor/s. On Tuesday this week, a ransomware variant mimicking the whereabouts of Petya ransomware hit […]

Serious Heartbleed vulnerability exposes Indian Power Plants to hackers!

Power Plants across India have been put on high alert against a Heartbleed bug having the capability to disrupt the functioning of the critical infrastructure of the energy departments in a big way. The National Security Council of India after receiving a tip-off from Intelligence agencies has issued a warning to the energy departments (both […]

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