GE offers a ‘Digital Ghost’ to make power plants immune to Cyber Threats


General Electric is offering a human immune system inspired ‘Digital Ghost’ which has the ability to make power plants immune to Cyber Threats. The American conglomerate says that its new offering helps power grids identify and fight harmful cyber threats in time before any cyber crisis causes disruption.

In a media briefing offered to our Cybersecurity Insiders, GE announced that its new security system will use the massive library of performance data which it has accumulated from turbines, generators, and controls used in power grids operating across the USA.

The data will then be mapped to certain parameters which help detect changes that might help identify hacking attempts.

It is estimated that the US Department is investing around $3 million budget of the roughly $4.1 million budget for the project.

GE’s Digital Ghost is going through a massive testing phase at the GE’s Niskayuna Campus with the help of customer data and discussions are underway with customers to begin field testing in 4Q of this year.

The concept behind Digital Ghost is simple: detect the problem, locate it and neutralize it.

GE plans to roll out Digital Ghost in two phases- one in 2018 to detect and locate problems and the second in 2019 which helps in neutralizing the problems.

Justin John, who leads the Engineering team of GE Global Research and GE Power says that in the world of cybersecurity, there is no such thing which guarantees protection against cyber threats. At the same time, John feels that adding new protection layers like Digital
Ghost will ensure that the strongest effort is being put forward to safeguard against cyber attacks.

That’s true….isn’t it?

Naveen Goud
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