Cyber Threat in 3D Printing says Pentagon

Pentagon, the headquarters for United States Department of Defense has issued a special cyber threat alert to the military sector using Additive Manufacturing(AM) through 3D printing technology. The warning says that military agencies are using the systems without knowing the fact that they are suffering with certain vulnerabilities that could put the entire DoD information […]

Cyber Threat to Pentagon Coronavirus Telecommuting

As the Coronavirus scare is petrifying all the people across the world, Pentagon’s top officials have chosen to embrace telecommuting technology to keep their Counterintelligence operations alive even during the event of a medical threat. Unfortunately, the new way of work from home syndrome is proving as a blessing to hackers as they have every […]

US Pentagon ethically adopts AI to use in Battlefield

Finally, it’s out that the US Pentagon has decided to use the technology of Artificial Intelligence on the battlefield. However, the usage will be done via ethical practices will utmost judgment and care.   As countries are showing a lot of interest in using Artificial Intelligence in war situations, the concerns among nations have risen […]

Pentagon outlines new Cybersecurity certification models for contractors

US Department of Defense(DoD) widely known as Pentagon has come up with a set of Cybersecurity Certification models for contractors and subcontractors to bring in the best set of Cybersecurity practices into the pipeline. Pentagon has ensured that its new set of guidelines will set the stage for a broader, more intricate journey to well-recognize […]

Amazon and Microsoft battle it out over a US Military Cloud

Tech Giants Amazon and Microsoft are said to be battling for an opportunity to bag a $10 billion project with regards to a US Military Cloud building architecture. Formally called as Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure or shortly called as JEDI, this military intelligence cloud project is said to help the law enforcement in processing vast amounts […]

Donald Trump not aware of US deployment of Cyber Attack Tools into Russian Infrastructure

American President Donald Trump has made it clear that he is unaware of Pentagon’s efforts to plant cyber tools into Russian Power Grids. At the same time, the 45th President clarified that whatever published in the New York Times was a virtual act of ‘treason’. On Saturday last week, the NYT reported an article saying […]

Pentagon and DHS to help US Companies defend against Cyber Threats

A week before the midterm elections of the United States, The Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security reached an agreement to defend US companies against cyber threats. This includes offering assistance to private companies in all aspects to mitigate cyber risks coming from the adversaries like Russia, China, and Iran. As per the sources […]

Weapons systems of Pentagon are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

As news reports are pouring in that all those computing devices manufactured in China and imported to countries like US and UK are having spying tendencies, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) decided to audit all its computer networks including that of the Pentagon. This includes all IT equipment operating in the server farms of […]

Homeland Security to probe potential cybersecurity threats posed by ZTE

As security scare among US government entities in using the products delivered by Chinese Telecommunication firm ZTE has increased in recent month’s, Homeland Security has been directed by House of Representatives to probe into the matter. The probe will be focusing on any cyber risks introduced by use of ZTE products on federal state, and […]

Russian hackers cyberattack US Military Secrets!

An investigation launched by Associated Press(AP), a New York-based news agency has revealed that Russian hackers have cyber attacked US Military agencies to pursue secrets related to military drones, artillery and other sensitive documents. Although the US Military authorities are still uncertain about what really might have stolen, journos who investigated the news say that […]

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