US Pentagon ethically adopts AI to use in Battlefield


Finally, it’s out that the US Pentagon has decided to use the technology of Artificial Intelligence on the battlefield. However, the usage will be done via ethical practices will utmost judgment and care.


As countries are showing a lot of interest in using Artificial Intelligence in war situations, the concerns among nations have risen that the technology might spell a doomsday the entire humankind someday.


“United States Pentagon has put a full stop to all these concerns by making the use of AI technology traceable and governable. Meaning the technology can be neutralized if they go against humans or show any unintended behavior against other living beings”, said Gen Jack Shanahan, the Director of the Pentagon’s Joint AI Center.


Pentagon’s decision to tame the technology of AI has come just after Microsoft won the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure or JEDI contract last October which fueled a lot of negative repercussions between Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos and the US President Donald Trump.  


“As the President of United States is intending to make America the first nation to fully adopt AI capabilities to the core, Pentagon has been assigned the duty to track down the ethical ambiguities and risks”, says Lucy Suchman, the anthropologist who studies the role of AI in warfare.


Hope, America wins the race with China and Russia in using AI in military warfare on an ethical note.


Note- In the year 2018, some employees of Google started a protest which attracted global attention. It was related to Project Maven which uses Machine Learning techniques to interpret aerial images in the war zones.


Naveen Goud
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