Best Practices for Companies in protection of User Data

In today’s digital age, where data breaches and cyber threats are rampant, safeguarding user data has become paramount for companies across industries. With increasing concerns about privacy and data security, businesses must prioritize robust measures to protect the sensitive information entrusted to them by users. Here are some best practices for companies to ensure the […]

How to protect kids on Google Android devices from Cyber Threats

Children worldwide are increasingly drawn to mobile phones and tablets, largely due to captivating games and applications that not only engage them but also provide a sense of meaning from their unique perspectives. While it’s a reality that we can’t entirely distance them from digital devices, it is possible to shield them from cyber threats, […]

How to handle personal data of students

School districts are constantly being targeted by cyber attacks, leading to data breaches and information misuse. So, to those who are worried about the privacy of student info, here are some tips to protect it from prying eyes. 1.) Categorization of data is important in such scenarios and that can be done through data classification […]

StillVulnerable Campaign for cyber attack victims to Speak Up

All these days, we have seen companies sharing their cyber attack experiences and intelligence with government and monitoring groups. But now, here’s a new platform where victims like businesses, activists and institutions can directly speak or share their digital assault experiences with the world. Digital Peace Now launched a StillVulnerable campaign which acts as a […]

5 Ways to Protect Your Ecommerce Business

Source Cyber attackers, fraudsters, and hackers target both small-scale, midsized, and large online ecom enterprises.  In fact, the frequency of small businesses fraud is at 28% compared to larger organizations at 22-26%.  This portrays a grim picture for ecommerce businesses — filled with data breaches and irate customers. Again, if you  don’t secure your clients’ […]

DDoS Protection Tips

As CIOs and CTOs are getting extremely worried about distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), here’s a brief article that can help to enlighten their mind on protecting their corporate networks, without the need of any professional help. Running a DDoS Testing- It is essential, although it is a 3 hour effort to conduct. It […]

Mobile Security companies are lining up for protection against Pegasus Malware

As the Pegasus malware nuisance is slowly found politically gripping the entire world, companies offering security solutions to mobile users are getting busy in finding out a solution that helps protect against the infection repercussions caused by the Pegasus Malware. Recently, Zimperium, a US based technology company, was assigned with the duty by Department of […]

How Google protects its customer data from Cyber Threats    

Almost every human being in this materialistic world who uses online services is familiar with Google and its products; as in the past few years the tech giant has evolved into a massive data centric business. Last month, the company sent an automated email to some of its long-time customers saying how it protects their […]

Does Microsoft Windows Defender offer Ransomware Protection

All Win 10 users get Windows Defender by default which helps them protect against the most dangerous cyber threats vying in the cyber landscape. But most of us don’t know that the anti-malware solution offered by the American tech giant Microsoft also has Ransomware protection. It was added in October 2017 security update to all […]

Now we have hardware to protect against Ransomware

Ransomware is a kind of malware which encrypts a database and restricts access to the user/s until a ransom is paid. And in order to counter it till date, we had certain decryption software offered by cyber security firms which were being used in cleaning up the malware mostly. Technically speaking, all operating systems prevailing […]

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