Quantum Computing

Is Quantum Secured Metro Network the future of Secure Communication

BT and Toshiba have joined hands to launch the world’s 1st quantum secured metro network (QSMN) that is hard to hack say experts. This secure mode of network was launched early this week across London and aims to offer internet users a secure transmission mode for their valuable data- all via the fiber optic cable […]

White House to spend $2 billion on Artificial Intelligence between 2020-2021

White House under the leadership of President Donald Trump has announced that it will spend $2 billion on research and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) between 2020-2021. The report also specifies that the government will also spend over $1 billion on Quantum Computing technology foreseeing its future in various business fields. Note- ‘Quantum Computing’ is […]

Cloud Security Alliance cautions on the safety of Quantum Computing!

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), an organization which preaches security practices to the cloud computing world has raised concerns on the risks associated with quantum computing. The non-profit organization says that though most of the companies are aware of the risks, they are still not in a position to take action. According to the Safe Security […]

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