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Cyber Attack related 7 news headlines trending on Google

1.) First news is about a cyber attack on two energy companies operating in Luxembourg. According to the web, two energy firms Creos and Enovos, both business units of Encevo Group, were targeted by a ransomware attack on the night of July 22 this year. However, electricity and gas supply weren’t disrupted by the digital […]

Samsung keeps its Galaxy devices safe from Pegasus Spying software

Samsung has made an official disclosure that all its Galaxy series devices are safe from being loaded with surveillance software such as Pegasus. Answering to one of the business queries during a brief media interaction at Samsung Electronics, Dr. Seungwon Shin, the head and VP of Security division, affirmed that all the Galaxy series of […]

Whitehouse Cyber Security Chief removed abruptly from office

Newly Elected US President Donald Trump has secretly removed the White House’s cyber security Chief on Thursday this week. White House’s Chief Information Officer Cory Louie was abruptly shown the door yesterday, but the news was kept under wraps till early hours of Friday. The reason for his removal on a sudden note is yet […]

UK Ministry of Defense picks iPhone 7 to counter Mobile Security concerns

United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) has picked up Apple iPhone 7 for secure communication. So, as a result of this decision, all the officials of MoD will now on be provided a specifically designed iPhone 7 meant for internal and external communications. Last year, the UK Defense Agency contracted British Telecom Group (BT) to […]

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