UK Ministry of Defense picks iPhone 7 to counter Mobile Security concerns

United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) has picked up Apple iPhone 7 for secure communication. So, as a result of this decision, all the officials of MoD will now on be provided a specifically designed iPhone 7 meant for internal and external communications.

Last year, the UK Defense Agency contracted British Telecom Group (BT) to design a military grade version of iPhone where authorities can use for storing sensitive info and use it for classified communication purposes.

As per our sources, the Defense Agency of Britain was earlier using Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But as concerns are high on the use of Android devices, MoD of UK has decided to make a shift towards iOS.

It is a known fact that Apple iOS devices are known for their strong security all around the world. That’s because Apple controls the entire device ecosystem on its own which includes hardware, firmware, and software.

The company has also made it official that it doesn’t comply with the prevailing US laws which make it mandatory for companies to share their user data with law enforcement agencies.

Apple has also disclosed to the world that it constantly tries to improve its security encryption to a new level every month.

Coming to Android OS, Trend Micro has already announced that devices which are loaded with Android OS are extremely vulnerable to hackers.

And so, users of these devices should be extremely cautious when it comes to Mobile Security.

So, all these factors made the MoD of UK select Apple iPhone 7 as an official communication device for its authorities.

Note- Officials at US National Security Agency use Samsung Galaxy devices for hardened communications. But very recently, it recently ditched Android devices for the Apple iPhone because they’re faster.

Naveen Goud
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