Samsung keeps its Galaxy devices safe from Pegasus Spying software

Samsung has made an official disclosure that all its Galaxy series devices are safe from being loaded with surveillance software such as Pegasus. Answering to one of the business queries during a brief media interaction at Samsung Electronics, Dr. Seungwon Shin, the head and VP of Security division, affirmed that all the Galaxy series of devices were safe from being exploited by hackers through vulnerabilities.

Dr. Shin stated some people are living in a misconception that if they cannot open suspicious attachments, they will be 100% safe from being cyber attacked.

According to him, this perception is just a myth, as there are known as ‘Zero Click’ attacks existing on the web.

To counter all such threats in one go, Samsung is building a security into its hardware of Galaxy devices called Knox Vault that combines a secure processor with a memory chip dedicated to keep sensitive info secure from the rest of the device operations.

Therefore, as soon as any major security risk is detected, it allows the device to shut down apps such as Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass, thus blocking access to PINs, passwords, biometric data, digital certificates, and cryptographic keys.

NOTE- NSO Group of Israel developed a software dubbed Pegasus that helps governments keep a track of people’s mobiles. It was developed and aimed at the law enforcement community. But unfortunately reaches the hands of others such as a Saudi Prince who used the software to keep a track of secrets lodged in the smart phone of a business leader from America, this spilling details of his secret affair to the world and his wife.


Naveen Goud
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