US and UK governments issue sanctions on 7 Russians spreading ransomware

For the first time in the history of law, 7 cyber criminals, apparently linked to Russian Intelligence, were slapped with sanctions. Additionally, the real world names, email address, photos and DoBs were also released to the press, to tarnish their image on an international note, thus making them eligible to be slapped with travel bans […]

Russian Ransomware hackers getting frustrated by sanctions

As soon as Russia waged a war on Ukraine, the entire world led by the United States termed it as a war on innocent and pressed sanctions on the Putin led nation, to pressurize him in stopping the war. But Vladimir Putin was adamant about his Ukraine invasion and intensified the war to take control […]

Microsoft to stop Windows security updates in Russia

As Russian President Putin is in a mindset of finishing the war only after he takes control of all Ukrainian cities, tech companies from America are announcing their retaliation backed business withdrawals in the said region, in compliance with the government sanctions First, it was Nike, followed by furniture Store Ikea that announced yesterday that […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

1.) The Department of Justice of South Africa suffered a ransomware attack on September 6th,2021 and news is out that the government’s purposed legal cell hasn’t recovered its data from the attack yet. Therefore, the malware attack has resulted in the blockage of email and website services to employees and to the public even today- […]

Ransomware payments can make OFAC issue sanctions on companies

Ransomware payments can make companies face harsh penalties and sanctions from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network says a latest update issued by FBI. Yes, to those uninitiated, the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued an advisory at the same time last year that all those companies who have […]

EU imposes sanction on Cyber Attacks

On Thursday this week, European Union shortly referred as EU has imposed sanctions on some companies and individuals that cause damage to critical infrastructure and national integrity through cyber warfare. Thus, because of such sanctions, all movable & immovable assets of 3 individuals and 6 institutions will be frozen and barred from entering any of […]

European Union to push sanctions on Russia and North Korea for Cyber Attacks

All those countries launching cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of public and private companies operating in European Union (EU) will have to brace for harsh punishments including the freezing of assets, travel bans on individuals and from nations, firms and state bodies.  That’s because from now on the EU has adopted powers to punish […]

Iran says Israel launched Stuxnet 2.0 Cyber Attack

As United States 45th President pronounced new stringent sanctions against Iran on Tuesday, the latter has accused Israel of launching Stuxnet 2.0 Cyber Attack on its nationwide Telecommunication infrastructure.   “The Zionist regime with its record of using cyberweapons such as Stuxnet Computer Virus to harm Iran’s Telecommunications Infrastructure was observed recently”, said Mohammad Javad Azari […]

Trump sanctions Iranian nationals for launching Cyber Attacks on US Banks

Trump Administration on a recommendation from the Treasury Department of United States has imposed sanctions on seven Iranian Nationals and an Iran based Security Company named ‘ITSec Team’ for playing an active role in launching cyber attacks against several US Financial systems. The sanctions were pressed against 11 entities and individuals for supporting Iran’s Elite […]

Hackers from North Korea Cyber Attack Bitcoin exchanges to evade sanctions!

North Korean hackers under the leadership of Kim Jung Un have decided to steal Bitcoins in order to evade sanctions put forward by politicians from Washington to Seoul. This was reported by security company FireEye Inc, which also added in its report that Kim’s apparent interest on Crypto currency comes amid rising prices and popularity […]

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