European Union to push sanctions on Russia and North Korea for Cyber Attacks


All those countries launching cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of public and private companies operating in European Union (EU) will have to brace for harsh punishments including the freezing of assets, travel bans on individuals and from nations, firms and state bodies. 

That’s because from now on the EU has adopted powers to punish those outside the bloc launching cyber attacks and this includes countries like North Korea, Russia and China.

The decision was taken in Brussels last week when top leaders from over 28 countries met to establish a framework allowing EU to entail targeted preventive measures to thwart and retort to cyber attacks.

Britain feels that the objective behind the framework will be to bolster the security of EU institutions, firms and individuals in scale and severity against cyber attacks launched by cyber adversaries.

“As hostile actors from few nations have been consistently threatening the security of EU by launching critical cyber attacks on the state infrastructure, the new framework is said to help in thwarting those cyber attacks launched with an intention to undermine democracy, steal commercial secrets resulting in money ruining to billions of Euros”, said Jeremy Hunt, British Foreign Secretary.

Jeremy added that Britain has agreed to offer its complete support to EU after BREXIT deal ends-as per the 2016 referendum.

Note– In a bid to replace the current Britain Prime Minister Theresa May, Britain will witness its next round of European Elections for Parliament between May 23rd and May 26th of this year.

Jeremy Hunt is confident that NCSC, a cyber arm of GCHQ in association with other law enforcement agencies will have the ability to thwart cyber attacks of any range on the European Elections from few noted adversaries and Iran happens to be one of those.

Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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