Cyber Threat warning to never search for these things on Google

Whether you are using a mobile phone or a laptop for your online search needs, security experts are recommending not to indulge in such activity without weighing the pros and cons on a proper note. While it is easy to gain knowledge about everything on Google these days, there is a high chance that the […]

Stay away from these Google searches if you want to be Cyber Safe

To all those who want to keep their computing gadgets safe and secure from hackers, here are some tips to follow- 1.) Never search for your banking & government websites on Google as these days hackers are devising fraudulent web pages to steal credentials and the trick is that these guys are also well capable […]

Google throws net neutrality into the air and starts censoring search results for good

Google has started censoring search results says a source from American news website Breitbart and all this is being done for ‘Good’ or for the sake of civility. Its said that the internet juggernaut has started to manually curate search terms and has started to blacklist those which are termed as offending or politically incorrect. […]

Information Security Digital Privacy law tops EU Google’s Search List 2018

From May 25th, 2018 European Union announced the world’s toughest rules for companies offering online services to the populace of the region. And the internet juggernaut Google has claimed that its search engine was fueled with queries related to the digital privacy law in the whole of 2018. As per the most search stats released […]

Some details about ‘’ Google App Glitch

The moment you type ‘’ on the Google search engine of your mobile phone, the website returns by displaying your cell phone text messages. Remember, the typed text is in no way related to the famous music band or the real URL with just one dot “.”. In the same way, once you type in […]

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