Sophos gets startled by Sophos Encrypt Ransomware

Cybersecurity firm Sophos has released a media update that it doesn’t have any association with the newly discovered Sophos Encrypt Ransomware and is busy investigating its whereabouts and inception. A couple of days ago, MalwareHunter Team investigated and disclosed a new file encrypting malware variant named SophosEncrypt on the prowl. Initially it was thought to […]

Sophos finds new malware being distributed through email

Sophos, a cloud-native data security firm, has discovered in its research that a new malware is being distributed through threatening email. The motive behind such socially engineered email attack is simple, to create fear among the victim and make him/her open an attachment filled with a malicious link leading to a malware download. Andrew Brandt, […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

First is the news related to a hacking group named Mustang Panda and based in China. Highly placed sources report that the said group of cyber criminals funded by Chinese intelligence can compromise internal networks of companies operating in Indonesia. Cybersecurity firm Insikt Group, a sub-unit of Recorded Future, was the first to break the […]

Sophos to put an end to TLS based Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity firm Sophos has come up with a solution that promises to put an end to TLS based cyber attacks. Its XGS Series Firewall appliance does a Transport Layer Security (TLS) inspection that is 5 times faster than what the other models offer. Thus, it helps in thwarting cyber attacks by offering unmatched detection and […]

Sophos identifies Buer malware delivering ransomware

Sophos Rapid Response services that were introduced recently to neutralize cyberattacks has identified a new malware in the wild. Dubbed as Buer, the malware is said to be delivering ransomware to Microsoft Windows PCs.   As per the discovery made by the security researchers of Sophos, Buer is known to target victims via spear-phishing attacks […]

MegaCortex Ransomware attacks hit Corporate Networks

Sophos, a British based Cybersecurity firm has detected that a ransomware variant with the name MegaCortex was seen profusely hitting corporate networks from the past 43 days. The researchers at the security firm analyzed that the objective behind the attack could probably be “Big-Game Hunting” where hackers seem to target big enterprises in order to […]

Sophos to strengthen security in multi-cloud environments

Migrating data and apps to multi-cloud platforms is a win-win situation to many companies as it brings in cost savings, adds agility and help take full advantage of DevOps process to speed up development and product delivery. However, it also invites new trouble where hackers are seen as easily targeting multi-cloud networks. In a recent […]

Sophos integrates with Microsoft to offer utmost Mobile Security Threat Detection

British Security firm Sophos has announced that it will be integrating its Mobile Device Management system with Microsoft’s Intune to help customers work and access data in a secure way from any device and location while maintaining compliance with the corporate data laws. Therefore, Sophos Mobile Security running on Microsoft Azure will help IT admins […]

Cloud Security startup Avid Secure acquired by Sophos

Sophos, the British security software company has made it official that it has acquired Cloud security startup Avid Secure Inc for an undisclosed price. Likely, Sophos is planning to integrate AI-powered cloud security analytics offered by Avid Secure into its product offerings to emerge as a leader in public cloud offerings. Founded in the year […]

Sophos gives a new report on premeditating Ransomware Attacks

Hackers have started launching a new method of ransomware attacks where millions of dollars are being reaped by exploiting the availability of Windows System Administration Tools. Yes, a report from the Britain based cybersecurity company Sophos claims these findings to be absolutely true. The Sophos study claims that cyber crooks have devised a new method […]

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