Israel to keep a vigil on cyber software exports

All those governments and countries planning to buy any kind of software from Israel-based companies will have to sign an agreement from now on that they will not misuse the purchased software and will abide by the conditions laid in the agreement at the time of purchase. The Defense Ministry of Israel announced on Monday […]

Apple Inc issues fix to Pegasus Spyware vulnerability in iPhones

Apple Inc has proudly announced that it has issued a fix to the famous Pegasus Spyware vulnerability existing on iPhones that could lead remote hackers to take control of the device to conduct espionage. Factually, the newly detected flaw was an addition to the already detected Pegasus malware flaw that was developed by NSO Group […]

China officially condemns Pegasus spyware surveillance and accuses US

Chine Foreign Ministry has issued a public statement condemning the distribution and usage of Pegasus Spyware surveillance software by various countries. It has also accused United States & NATO for circulating misinformation that the Chinese intelligence was funding hacking groups to launch cyber attacks on the west. Zhao Lijian, the official spokesperson from the Foreign […]

Apple iPhones to get protection against Pegasus Mobile Spyware

As the media around the world is busy speculating about the targets related to Pegasus Mobile Spying malware, Apple Inc, the American company that is into the production of iPhones has issued a press statement that its engineers are working on a fix to protect the users from becoming victims to the said spying Israeli […]

Mobile Phones of Politicians, Journalists, and members of Royal Families were targeted by Israeli Malware

All the politicians, journalists and members of Royal Family living across the world were put on a high mobile security alert by a post from ‘The Guardian’ last week. And the post says that some hacktivists have somehow planted a spying malware on their phones respectively and are constantly spying on the targeted mobile activists. […]

Google Chrome Web Browser caught in Spyware data scam

Google Chrome, a much in a demand web browser with over 32 million users worldwide has caught up in a spyware related data scam recently.   According to Cybersecurity researchers from Awake Security, a company which keeps a tab on cyber threats appearing in network traffic, the spyware was keeping an eye on the online […]

App stores become home to Government Spyware

Security researchers from BlackBerry’s Cylance have discovered that Android and iOS app stores have become home to government-induced espionage malware. According to the company’s latest report, prolific and pervasive government spyware are being spread on Android and iOS application platforms which give us a confirmation that consumers are being misled by technology companies that are […]

Google exposes Apple iPhones getting infected by Website Spyware

Google Project Zero security researchers have discovered recently that some websites were infecting Apple iPhones with spyware from the past two years. And the tech giant identified the vulnerability in Feb this year and offered a security patch along with the FaceTime eavesdropping bug susceptibility. Security analysts say that those who visited the malicious websites […]

Google Play Store hosts AhMyth Spyware  

Cybersecurity Researchers from ESET say that Google Play Store was hosting AhMyth Spyware in disguise of a Radio Balouch or RB Music App despite the fact that the application was twice removed from the Android app store since 2017. Going deep, AhMyth is spyware which has the tendency to steal info without the knowledge of […]

Exodus malware spreading across iOS devices

All these days we have seen Exodus Spying malware targeting Android devices. But recently, security researchers from a nonprofit security organization ‘Security Without Borders’ found that the spyware Exodus was also prevailing on iOS devices on contrary to the impression that the malware cannot survive in Apple Inc’s iOS environments. The details of the spyware’s […]

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