Apple Inc issues fix to Pegasus Spyware vulnerability in iPhones


Apple Inc has proudly announced that it has issued a fix to the famous Pegasus Spyware vulnerability existing on iPhones that could lead remote hackers to take control of the device to conduct espionage.

Factually, the newly detected flaw was an addition to the already detected Pegasus malware flaw that was developed by NSO Group to hack into the phones of terrorists; but was actually being used to intercept communication taking place between the world’s prestigious dignitaries.

Researchers state the flaw was a ‘zero-click’ exploit that was discovered on September 2021 by experts who tagged it as an iMessage exploit dubbed ‘ForcedEntry’ that could also infect other Apple iOS, Mac OD and iWatchOS devices.

After a journalist from a Saudi news resource publicly announced that the flaw was being exploited by NSO Group leading to the Pegasus spyware scandal, Apple took a note of the susceptibility and ordered to its engineers to find a fix.

As malicious content such as files was being transmitted to the phone via iMessage app, NSO Group developed Pegasus spyware was slowly seen taking control of device to conduct instances related to eavesdropping and data theft remotely, eventually leading to crash of the victimized phone.

Only time can say whether the vulnerability has been truly fixed or not.

Meanwhile, the American tech giant that is into the manufacturing of iPhones has warned all its consumers from mounting devices on to their motorcycle platforms or car windshields using easily available mounts both online and in-stores.

IPhone maker issued a statement on Saturday last week that the vibrations from the car windshield or from the motorcycle speedometer platform can lead to the damage of smartphone’s camera systems with time.

Usually, gyroscopes or magnetic sensors help compensate for the flaws caused during the movement and vibration of phone while taking photos. But if you expose the device to constant vibrations, it can cause damage to the optical image stabilization or closed loop autofocus features embedded in the cameras on long run.

So, it is always better to use vibration dampening mounts that can cause minimal damage to the phones manufactured by the iOS maker

And the range of models that can be affected by exposing the devices to constant strain are iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, and last but not the least, iPhone X and iPhone SE2.


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