Pegasus malware installed on Spanish PM Phone

Spanish Government has released a press statement confirming Pegasus malware on the smart phones of Spanish Prime Minister (PM), Pedro Sanchez and the region’s Defense Minister, Margarita Robles.

Pegasus is spying software when installed on a device sends information about the calls, messages, phones, videos and all other device related info to remote servers or those who installed the surveillance tool on the victims’ mobile.

Pedro Sanchez’s secretary acknowledged the incident and added that the phone of the PM was targeted between May and June 2021 and the defense minister’s device was victimized in June the same year.

Spain’s Criminal Court, Audiencia Nacional, has taken the incident seriously and has launched a probe to track down the culprits behind the incidents.

Few media resources from Spain report the incident as an act of an insider, i.e. an issue conducted by people close to the PM’s chair or those working for opposition.

The United States banned NSO Group, that developed Pegasus surveillance software, last year. The company developed the software to offer governments across the world to spy on those people posing risk to the national security.

Conversely, as we all know, the software reached the hands of some fickle minds who used the software to spy on politicians, sports persons, celebrities and socialites across the world.

Canada also imposed a ban on the use of the Pegasus software after it found 65 people linked to Catalan Separatist Moment targeted by a nation funded hackers group.


Naveen Goud
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