GE offers a ‘Digital Ghost’ to make power plants immune to Cyber Threats

General Electric is offering a human immune system inspired ‘Digital Ghost’ which has the ability to make power plants immune to Cyber Threats. The American conglomerate says that its new offering helps power grids identify and fight harmful cyber threats in time before any cyber crisis causes disruption. In a media briefing offered to our […]

Radio communication is back on ships due to Cyber Threats

Since Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and other similar devices that rely on satellite signals are being hacked and jammed by hackers, ship operators around the world have instructed their staff to go back to radio technology for communication. Thus, we can come to a conclusion that Cyber threats are making ship operators dump satellite communication […]

Cloud Computing may provide more security against Cyber Threats!

Researchers from CCS Insight say that Cloud Computing may provide better security against cyber threats which the companies are looking for nowadays. And that’s because it helps security operations respond quickly to threats and focus on business risks which otherwise would have made CIOs and CTOs spend countless hours just researching for cyber threats and […]

Accenture identifies Top Cyber Threats of 2017 in its Security Report

Accenture, the global leader in offering professionals services has released a security report in which it identified the Top Cyber Threats of 2017. iDefense, a part of Accenture Security examined the key trends during the first half of 2017 and compiled a report on how cyber incidents may evolve over the next six months. The […]

A rundown on the top Five Mobile Security Threats

Mobile Security has become a prime concern for IT professionals working for enterprise businesses. The reason, businesses are turning less vigilant when it comes to mobile security while embracing the trend of BYOD. Very recently, Chris Crowley, a security instructor working for SANS Institute offered a rundown on the top mobile security threats lurking behind […]

Small Businesses are being threatened by these top Cyber Attacks

A Business is a business, no matter how much you are investing in it to raise it from the roots. And if you are one of the owner’s of the estimated 28 million small businesses in America, then it’s high time to include cybersecurity into your enterprise toolkit. According to a survey carried out by […]

Terrorists to launch cyber attacks on UK’s Airports and Nuclear Power Stations

Britain government has issued a nationwide alert which asks the authorities related to Aviation and Nuclear Power Stations to tighten their defenses against cyber attacks propelled by terrorists. The law enforcement agencies have also issued a series of alerts in the past 24 hours, cautioning about terrorist attacks launched in masked format. The Intelligence agencies […]

Mobile Security alert for Android devices users

ESET Security, an internet security solutions provider have discovered a notorious new application that is targeting android operating system based devices. As per the report offered by the researchers of ESET, the dreaded app has the potential to download additional malware to damage or disable devices and computer systems. Dubbed as the Android/TrojanDownloader.Agent.JI the app […]

Australian immigration offices are extremely vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

The Australian National Audit Office (NAO) has recently released the latest report on their government’s cyber security potential and concluded that the immigration department and the tax office department of Australia are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. The NAO has claimed that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Australian Taxation Office have […]

Cyber Attacks result in £8 billion loss to consumers of UK Financial Services

A recent study confirmed that cyber attacks have caused £8 billion loss to consumers of UK Financial Services in 2016. ThreatMetrix, a security watchdog that monitors 20 billion online transactions per year was the one which prepared the report and predicted that the consequences may deteriorate further in this year. ThreatMetrix says that the spike […]

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