US 2016 Elections

US Donald Trump takes claim of 2018 Cyber Attack on Russian Internet Research Agency IRA

In a much speculated interview given to Washington Post mid last week, the US President Donald Trump claimed that the 2018 Nation State Cyber Attack launched on the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA) was done under his supervision and full knowledge. And security experts fear that the public admission of the 45TH US President can […]

Google manipulated Hillary Clinton votes from 2.5 m to 16 million says, Donald Trump

For the first time, US President Donald Trump took a direct dig at Google for manipulating 2016 Poll results in favor of Hillary Clinton. Revealing some details from the study made by Robert Epstein, the president said that his victory was bigger than thought as the tech giant depicted 2.5 million votes of Clinton as […]

Cyber Attack news trending now

1.) A research published in the journal Nature Communications says that the 2016 US elections were influenced by fake news spread by 6% of Twitter Bots. The numbers from Facebook aren’t available now. But the study confirms that a lot of accounts (1 million Approx) which have been suspended in March this year by the […]

How Russia made Donald Trump the US President via Cyber Attacks

Till date, there have been ‘n’ numbers of media reports claiming Russian Interference on 2016 US Polls leading to the defeat of Hillary Clinton and making Real Estate Business Tycoon Donald Trump as 45th US President. Now, news is out that in the process of July 2018 indictment of a dozen Russian Military Intelligence officers […]

Blame Barack Obama for Russian Cyber Attack on Democratic Email Servers

US President Donald Trump has blamed Barack Obama for failing to prevent Russia’s cyber attack on democratic email servers. The statement was issued by the 45th president after the news broke out on Friday that 12 Russian military officers were involved in conducting espionage on the email servers of the Democrats in 2016 which eventually […]

FBI Director says that terrorists are becoming sophisticated with Cyber Attacks

FBI Director Christopher Wray has declared that terrorists are becoming more sophisticated in cyber attacks and so the evolution can bring in more trouble to the critical infrastructure of America in coming days. Wray specifically mentioned that terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS have started using social media platforms on an extensive note for […]

Cyber Attack fear grips next British General Elections

Cyber Attack fear seems to have gripped British local elections and this is evident from the latest directives issued by the Britain’s Election Commission. As a part of the new stipulations, England Voters will now have to show their ID cards to receive ballot paper in the next England’s general elections which are to be […]

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