Blame Barack Obama for Russian Cyber Attack on Democratic Email Servers


US President Donald Trump has blamed Barack Obama for failing to prevent Russia’s cyber attack on democratic email servers. The statement was issued by the 45th president after the news broke out on Friday that 12 Russian military officers were involved in conducting espionage on the email servers of the Democrats in 2016 which eventually led to the influence of US Polls in November 2016.

“All these days you blamed me and I repeatedly told you people that this was nothing but a political witch hunt crafted by some journos practicing Yellow Journalism”, said Donald Trump.

When Obama knew about all this then why didn’t he or his administration react to it and do something about it said Trump- reacting to the media speculations that the then president Obama was informed by the FBI about the hack in September’16.

Although Obama did confront the Russian Leader Vladimir Putin about the digital attack on October’16, he could have done more with whatever white house power he had says, Trump.

Later the current US President tweeted that all such incidents happened during the regime of Obama who thought that ‘crook##’ Hillary will win the elections somehow….?

Trump added in his tweets that there is nothing do now rather move on and think of ways to make America great if not the greatest.

He urged the media not to spread fake news and instead report the truth as it happened to quote a sentence which says “Where is the DNC Server and why didn’t the FBI take possession of it after the hack”.

This time Trump seems to be a lot serious on the allegations pressed against him and has also pointed out specifically to a few media resources to not publish content regarding his win in 2016 US elections due to Russian interference.

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