Vodafone network not down by Cyber Attack

When Vodafone users in the UK found themselves grappling with network downtime on their mobile phones, a segment of them turned to various social media platforms to express their frustration. While many were eager to learn when normal network services would be restored, some speculated that the downtime could be the result of a sophisticated […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

After striking Samsung and Nvidia, Lapsus$ Ransomware Group has this time targeted British Telecom firm Vodafone and Buenos Aires online marketplace MercadoLibre. Sources state that the hackers accessed a portion of the data from the company servers, respectively, and are demanding a large amount as ransom for the decryption key. Both the companies revealed the […]

Vodafone launches Lookout Mobile Security service

Vodafone UK has launched a service dubbed Lookout Mobile Security to help businesses operating in its region against cyberattacks launched through mobile devices. The first three months’ subscription will be free for 3 months to all new and existing business customers and will the application assures protection against cyber threats such as malware invasions, application […]

Vodafone updates that it knew Huawei 5G espionage secrets 10 years ago

As Huawei is trying hard to convince the world that its 5G equipment is safe from espionage threats, Britain based Telecom company Vodafone has released an update against the Chinese vendor which will surely leave the former in a bit of disappointment. Vodafone says that it has discovered several flaws between 2009 and 2012 in […]

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