WhatsApp users are vulnerable to a new cyber threat from Malicious Video Files

WhatsApp users all over the world should make a note of the new mobile security alert where researchers claim that hackers could easily take control of a phone just by sending an infected video file in MP4 format.   Going deep into the details, the Facebook-owned subsidiary is back in the news after last week’s […]

How to prevent Pegasus malware from attacking your WhatsApp number

Last week, WhatsApp users worldwide were surprised by the news that Facebook is planning to sue an Israel based agency named NSO Group for snooping over 1400 users through Pegasus spyware and WhatsApp application.   Going by the details, the social media giant confirmed that a survey conducted by one of its associate company has […]

Facebook sues Israeli firm NSO for spying on 1400 targets via WhatsApp malware

Facebook has issued a press update yesterday saying that an Israeli firm named NSO group has used malware tactics to spy on 1400 targets across the world between April- May 2019 via WhatsApp. The social networking giant is intending to sue the firm for carrying malpractices and will be contacting all affected customers individually by […]

Data on WhatsApp and Telegram is vulnerable say experts

California based Cybersecurity software firm Symantec has disclosed that the data stored by users on WhatsApp and Telegram was vulnerable to hackers. So, the Software giant is urging people not to use the platforms for storing personal photos, Classical and corporate documents as they could be exploited or manipulated by malicious actors. Media File Jacking […]

Hackers install surveillance malware on WhatsApp installed Smartphones

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is back in news, but for all wrong reasons. The popular messaging platform is said to be allowing hackers to install surveillance software on phones and other devices triggering a major vulnerability threat among millions using the popular messaging platform. According to a report from Financial Times(FT), the threat was actually developed by […]

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram not down due to Cyber Attack outage

Though the world’s leading social media giant Facebook claims that it has recovered from an eight-hour outage, many people across the world are using Twitter to vent out their anger on the issues still being faced with Instagram and WhatsApp- which are now Facebook’s business subsidiaries. A group of users on Twitter and Reddit have […]

Google Android apps send private info of users to Facebook

In a surprising finding, Android apps are reported to be sending private information of users to Facebook servers- even if the user doesn’t have an official Facebook account. The apps which are indulging in such activities include Yelp, Indeed, Spotify, Duolingo, Skyscanner, Kayak and 23 other popular applications which have humongous amounts of downloads of […]

Facebook rejects a new data security policy of Germany

Germany on Thursday announced that it will impose new restrictions on ways Facebook collects data from users prevailing in the region. But within few hours of this announcement, the world leading social media giant said that it is going to reject the data protection policy of Germany and will appeal to the court by the […]

WhatsApp founder data privacy war with Facebook turns Murky

WhatsApp Co-Founder Brian Acton data privacy war with Facebook has turned out murky when Facebook Executive David Marcus gave a fitting reply to the latter’s claim on Forbes. In an interview to Forbes a few days ago, Acton said that after acquiring his company for $19 billion, Mark Zuckerberg and his team were planning to […]

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp not down due to cyber attack

The long weekend turned out murky to many as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down to users across the world. And those affected took to Twitter to express their grief about the issue within the first hour. Some complained that the mobile and desktop versions of Facebook-owned sites were down to them till mid-afternoon on […]

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