Cyber Threat to UK Populace from latest WhatsApp Scam

UK’s Law enforcement department has issued a fresh set to of warning to all UK populace who are using popular messaging service WhatsApp. The alert is related to a widespread scam that is targeting users on the said video and image sharing service. Going by the details of the scam provided by the British National […]

Malware to turn WhatsApp into PINK or GOLD

By the time you read this article, most of you might have come across a link via text or email claiming to turn your WhatsApp web and mobile interface into PINK color. But cyber experts claim the link will lead victims to a malware that will help hackers to hack the device and the victim […]

WhatsApp gives new data privacy deadline of May 15

All you WhatsApp users across the world, here’s a news piece that needs your attention on an urgent note. The Facebook subsidiary has issued a fresh set of policy updates in which it clearly specified that the users will have to accept its new data sharing rules that will become mandatory from May 15th,2021. Earlier, […]

WhatsApp adds Biometrics mobile security login for Desktop and Web Login

In coming days, all you WhatsApp users out there interested in making a login through a desktop or a web app will have to go through a biometrics security login feature where-in users need to authenticate themselves with a fingerprint, face or Iris scan. However, all depends on the device capabilities and will be besides […]

WhatsApp users switching to Telegram due to new Data Privacy Rules

Facebook, the Mark Zuckerberg led company has clarified that from the coming month of February 2021, the users of FB business unit WhatsApp should accept the truth that all of their data generated on the messaging app will be shared with other business subsidiaries of the social networking giant. The change in privacy policies is […]

WhatsApp Good Morning messages filled with Chinese Phishing Cyber Attacks

From the year 2018 there has been a WhatsApp message doing rounds on an occasional note that those who send “Good Morning” and “Good Evening” photos, and GIFs downloaded from internet might become a victim of a cyber fraud perpetuated by Chinese hackers. An international news resource from Shanghai confirmed the report and posted it […]

Facebook takes data sharing pledge from WhatsApp Users

To all the two billion users who are active on WhatsApp, here’s a news piece that might grab your attention. On February 8th,2021, the American freeware will roll out a security update to all its users living in different countries- excluding Europe that they need to accept the fact that their data will be shared […]

Facebook WhatsApp hack on Catalonia and Ransomware Attack on Dussmann Group

In an official statement released by Facebook’s messaging subsidiary ‘WhatsApp’ to Roger Torrent, it was mentioned that the Spanish intelligence infiltrated the Speaker of Catalan Parliament’s WhatsApp account through the Israeli NSO developed Pegasus Malware. As per the details available to Cybersecurity Insiders, the attack took place in between April- May 2019 where over 1,400 […]

Saudi Prince hacks Amazon Jeff Bezos WhatsApp number

At a glittering Hollywood party in April 2018, Jeff Bezos who happens to be the world’s richest man exchanged his WhatsApp phone number with Saudi Arabia’s Billionaire Mohammed Bin Salman. The objective of the former was to set up data centers in Saudi Arabia, while the latter had intentions to establish a new business in […]

Mobile Security alert for Android and iOS WhatsApp users

To all those who are using Whatsapp messaging app on Android and iOS loaded smartphones, here’s a news piece that might be of your interest. The Facebook-owned the phone and video sharing platform has officially declared that it is going to withdraw all support from older versions of Android and iPhone operating systems from February […]

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