Saudi Prince hacks Amazon Jeff Bezos WhatsApp number


At a glittering Hollywood party in April 2018, Jeff Bezos who happens to be the world’s richest man exchanged his WhatsApp phone number with Saudi Arabia’s Billionaire Mohammed Bin Salman. The objective of the former was to set up data centers in Saudi Arabia, while the latter had intentions to establish a new business in association with Amazon.


But little did Jeff Bezos know that he could become a victim of a cyber attack just within weeks of his misjudged deed.


Reports are now in that some sensitive info of Jeff Bezos was accessed by hackers who were secretly working for Saudi Prince- as soon as he exchanged details with the Saudi Prince.


Going deep into the facts, in November 2018, Mohammad Bin Salman sent Bezos a video message about a lady who resembled Lauren Sanchez. And FYI, at that time the affair between Bezos and Lauren was not known to the world.


The video contained a joke about negotiating with a software license provider was the same as with the negotiations made with the girlfriend, wherein the end, the user is forced to just agree with the lines mentioned in the agreement…


Little did Bezos know that the MP4 video file contained spying malware which then sent all his data to remote servers owned by hackers who might be funded by Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.


By this time the National Enquirer was also working on the story to disclose to the world about the romance brewing between Ms. Sanchez and Bezos which later triggered the world’s most expensive divorce between Bezos and his formal wife Mackenzie- with compensation amounting to $36 billion.


However, what led Bezos to the suspicion is that the Saudi Prince knew about his personal life even before his own wife knew it which prompted him to order for a special inquiry with his confidential staff members.


It was later revealed in the investigation that the Saudi Arabian Prince along with American Media Inc the Enquirer teamed up against him after learning about some facts from his life through his mobile phone hack.


A United Nations(UN) report published yesterday confirms that the private information of the Amazon boss such as some personal pics with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez was passed on to the Saudi crown by the hackers on May,18.


On the behest of the UN, the FBI has launched an inquiry into the investigation against the hack and more details will be known by the first week of Feb’2020.


Note– UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a habit of exchanging his contact number with foreign dignitaries whom he meets at International Summits. So, it’s better if the PM mends this habit of handing over his phone number to strangers at summits.


Hope, someone related to Johnson has taken note of dos and don’ts from the Jeff Bezos WhatsApp hack saga!


Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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