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Here’s how to turn ON the Ransomware Protection on Window 10

All these days Microsoft has been warning online users against certain online practices that might push individual or corporate networks into jeopardy. Now, the Satya Nadella led company has issued a fresh statement that says all Windows 10 users can keep their systems and networks safe and secure from ransomware attacks, just by following the […]

Does Microsoft Windows Defender offer Ransomware Protection

All Win 10 users get Windows Defender by default which helps them protect against the most dangerous cyber threats vying in the cyber landscape. But most of us don’t know that the anti-malware solution offered by the American tech giant Microsoft also has Ransomware protection. It was added in October 2017 security update to all […]

Intel and Microsoft set to sniff out malware from memory

Intel has announced an innovation in association with Microsoft which is said to detect malware at the memory level. Perhaps this is to reincarnate a positive image in the processor market which was otherwise tarnished by the Spectre and Meltdown flaws in January this year. Therefore, all the future chip designs offered by Intel will […]

Windows 10’s Controlled Folder Access Won’t Protect Your Data

What is Controlled Folder Access? With the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft added a new feature called Controlled Folder Access (CFA) to Windows Defender Exploit Guard. This features allows users to control which processes can access certain folders to help protect data from malicious programs, such as ransomware or wipers. CFA is […]

Annabelle Ransomware disables Windows Defender

A new kind of ransomware named ‘Annabelle’ has turned into a nightmare for online users these days. And security experts suggest that the said ransomware has the potential to disable Windows Defender and turn off the firewall, encrypt files and shut down any computer security programs which are currently prevailing in the security market. Bleeping […]

Microsoft offers ransomware protection to folders of Windows 10 OS Users

Ransomware has already shown its catastrophic effects on computer users around the world, and so Redmond based software giant Microsoft has pushed a new ‘fall’ update which will help Windows 10 OS users protect their data folders from the said dreaded malware. Yes, you’ve read it right! Microsoft is offering a new feature to Windows […]

Microsoft makes two requests to help cut down on ransomware

Microsoft’s Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith has made two requests to all those who are using Windows based operating systems across the world. Smith is requesting all the Windows XP users to stop using the said dead and extinct operating system and instead migrate to a more secure OS like Windows 10. In the second […]

Microsoft discloses some details about Windows 10 inbuilt Ransomware Protection

In the latest security bulletin released by the American Software Giant Microsoft, it was clearly mentioned that the only Windows OS which did not bow down to the demands of Wanna cry ransomware developers/hackers was Windows 10 operating system. The reason, it has an inbuilt ransomware protection which keeps its users away from almost all […]

Windows 10 is officially immune to Ransomware says Microsoft

Microsoft in one of its blog updates said that its Windows 10 operating system is immune to all kinds of ransomware threats existing in the world for now. Robert Lefferts, the Director of Program Management for Windows Enterprise and Security made it official that no known ransomware has the potential to work against their most […]

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