Windows 10 is officially immune to Ransomware says Microsoft


    Microsoft in one of its blog updates said that its Windows 10 operating system is immune to all kinds of ransomware threats existing in the world for now. Robert Lefferts, the Director of Program Management for Windows Enterprise and Security made it official that no known ransomware has the potential to work against their most hardened operating systems i.e Windows 10.

    The software giant claimed that till date no Win 10 users were known to be compromised by WannaCry or Wannacrypt Ransomware. And that’s due to the fact that the said 2-year old operating system is secured through a three-pronged approach which is as follows-

    a.) Hardened software and devices

    b.) Use of windows defender Antivirus and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection to help users find emerging threats

    c.) And to enable users to threat response and remediation with Windows Defender ATP

    However, Microsoft also admitted in one of the lines of its post that not all users of Microsoft OS use Windows 10. And so those who are not using the world’s most secured OS are vulnerable to cyber attacks such as Wanna cry ransomware.

    Lefferts wrote in the blog post that Windows Defender AV uses technologies related to cloud and artificial intelligence which help Microsoft in finding new threats and help build on capabilities to further protect against those threats.

    Microsoft has also made a new white paper available on its blog which gives readers more details on how Windows 10 offers ransomware protection.

    The latest blog post updated on Microsoft blog also mentions some details on how the software giant is working on features which help in hardening, threat detection, and mitigation of risks associated with cyber attacks.

    Despite all these security features, Windows 10 has received a lot of criticism from the patrons of Microsoft.

    The foremost thing which bothers most of us is the fact that the new OS collects a lot of data related to user activity and usage of apps.

    And so all those Windows OS users who were interested in using Windows 10 backed off at the last minute due to privacy concerns when Microsoft made it official that its Win 10 OS do collect data to offer better security and operational features.

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