Critical Microsoft Windows Vulnerability found

Microsoft Corporation is urging all Windows users including those using Win 7 and 8 operating systems to update their devices with the latest security patches. Or else they are on the verge of getting hacked by cyber crooks that could then install programs, view or delete data or even create new user accounts of a […]

What is DLL hijacking? The Windows exploit endangering your sensitive data

This post was originally published by Edward Kost. A simple DLL file was the catalyst to the most devastating cyberattack against the United States by nation-state hackers. This cinematic breach demonstrates the formidable potency of DLL hijacking and its ability to dismantle entire organizations with a single infected file. What is DLL hijacking? DLL hijacking is a […]

Meet the Tycoon Ransomware which infects Windows and Linux PCs

A new variant of ransomware named ‘Tycoon’ was discovered by the cybersecurity researchers of security analyzing firm KPMG and they say that the newly discovered malware which targets Windows and Linux PCs tends to remain hidden for months and can disable all noted anti-malware software. KMPG researchers say that the main targets for Tycoon malware […]

Microsoft Windows document vulnerability has no fix

Microsoft has issued an official warning that the recently discovered font vulnerability has no fix as of now and users need to wait till April 14th, 2020 i.e. the next patch Tuesday.   Going by the details, a group of security researchers has found that hackers are exploiting a vulnerability in Windows handling and rendering […]

Windows and Linux Servers globally are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Millions of servers running on Windows and Linux operating systems are reported to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. And this was concluded in a research carried out by researchers from Eclypsium- a company offering Enterprise Firmware Security.   Going deep into the facts, the security researchers have discovered that the vulnerability is being created due to […]

Apple Mac devices are more vulnerable to Cyber Threats than Windows PCs

For the first time, a research carried out by Anti-Virus software offering company Malwarebytes has discovered that the number of cyberattacks on Apple Mac Devices have outpaced the number of cyber threats on Windows PCs.   The security study claims that the number of cyber threats on Macs has increased from 400% in 2019 over […]

Microsoft Windows experiences Cyber Threat from North Korea Thallium

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) has confirmed that a North Korean hacking group code-named as Thallium by Microsoft researchers is targeting windows loaded systems of well-known celebrities which includes University staff, political think tanks, those operating nuclear grids, as well as activists working for world peace and human rights. The DCU of Microsoft says that […]

Over 80K computers running on Microsoft Windows OS found generating bitcoins with Malware

According to a security report released by Microsoft, over 80,000 computers running on different versions of the Windows Operating system were found mining bitcoins without the knowledge of the users. Dubbed as Dexphot, the malware has been reportedly infecting Win machines since Oct’18 stealing the computing power of its machines to mine bitcoins. Technologically, bitcoins […]

Google Trending Cybersecurity news headlines for this week

1.) The first trending news headlines related to Cybersecurity is a malware spread scare in which security researchers confirm that it is being spread on mobile phones by hackers through the Android OS feature called NFC(Near Field Communication). Although Google has issued a fix to this flaw, a recent study carried out by an independent […]

BitPaymer Ransomware attack on Apple iTunes Windows

All those who are using Apple iTunes on Windows systems are hereby alerted that their computer systems are vulnerable to zero-day iTunes flaw which allows hackers to bypass the anti-virus protection and encrypt their files with malware.   Cybersecurity firm named Morphisec was the first to detect this flaw in August this year when security […]

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