Ohio County buys $200,000 insurance policy against Cyber Attacks

The Ohio County which includes the capital city of Columbus has decided to buy $200,000 worth cyber insurance policy against cyber attacks. The decision was to take in wake of increase in cyber threats on a global note. Security experts of the county say that the new spending on insurance will help in improving internal […]

Microsoft uses Artificial Intelligence to fight against Cyber Attacks

American software giant Microsoft has announced that it will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fight and thwart threats in Cyber Space. The San Francisco-based company made it official in its announcement that it will add a cloud-based security intelligence to the feature of its anti-virus stack from now on to prevent hackers invading Windows 10 […]

Britain’s largest warship is vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

HMS Queen Elizabeth which happens to be the world’s largest warship has finally made its way into the sea waters of Scotland yesterday just before midnight. Squeezing itself under the Forth Bridge of Scotland, the ship which weighs around 65,000 tons sailed for the first time giving cheers to the gathered public. But can you […]

Locky ransomware returns to infect Windows Vista and XP machines

Hackers spreading Locky ransomware is said to have returned with their latest campaign of infecting Windows machines. But this time their effort seems to be half-baked because the said ransomware is succeeding in infecting only Windows XP and Vista machines putting the modern Windows 7 & 10 machines aside. The malware is being spread by […]

Increasing Cyber Threats make Microsoft release a new security update bulletin

Microsoft has finally bowed down to malware spreading hackers targeting Windows machines by issuing a highly unusual patch for its dead and extinct Windows XP users. The company which releases security updates to all its OS users twice a month (mostly on Tuesday) has turned up with a security fix for all older versions of […]

Ransomware cyber attacks can prove fatal to Bitcoin users

Almost the whole world witnessed a digital crisis on May 12th, 2017 when hackers launched Wannacry Ransomware cyber attack on more than 200,000 computers operating across 174 countries. Media reports indicated that most of the victims of this ransomware were the ones who were using the dead and extinct Windows XP and those using unpatched […]

How many Windows OSes were hit With Wanna cry Ransomware?

WannaCry Ransomware which is playing havoc in cyberspace since May 12th, 2017 is said to have infected more than 35% of Windows 7 operating systems till date. As per the infographics prepared by VeriSign the said malware has succeeded in hitting more than 17,000 systems which were running on Windows 7. VeriSign report also claims […]

EternalRocks is more destructive than WannaCry ransomware

Researchers from Quick Heal Technologies have discovered that there exists a malware called EternalRocks which is far more destructive than WannaCry Ransomware. Though the current form of the said ransomware has no malicious elements to lock or corrupt files or compromise machines to build a botnet. It surely has the potential to make the infected […]

Hackers launch Ransomware attack on more than 100 countries

A major cyber attack crippling thousands of computers and networks was launched by a group of hackers from North Korea. It is said to be a coordinated cyber attack and has so far hit companies operating in more than 100 countries. The attack was a ‘Wannacry’ ransomware attack which tricked victims into opening malicious malware […]

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