Tesco issues 620,000 Clubcards after discovering Cyber Attack


UK based Tesco has issued new 620,000 Clubcards to its customers after it discovered that the database containing user information related to the old cards was compromised with a cyber attack. All points and vouchers related to the old cards will be transferred to the new ones after 3 days of issuance said the British supermarket chain provider.


The retailer which is renowned for its supermarket chain worldwide said that issuance of the new loyalty cards was being done to ward off any potential cyber risk which could arise due to stolen usernames and passwords from its database.


FYI, Tesco has over 17 million members holding Clubcards and offers one point for every pound spent in its store. So, when a user gathers 100 points, then he/she will be eligible to get a shopping round worth a pound.


In simple terms, the rewards program accounts for cashback on user spending.


Tesco has issued a public statement yesterday that the data breach incident is true. But it assured that no financial data was compromised and its systems were not hacked………..( sound’s strange !).


Note 1- Tesco’s Clubcard’s scheme is valid in its stores operating in the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland.


Note 2- Many Tesco Clubcard users have raised their privacy concerns last year as the company collects info such as names, addresses, number of children, number of family members and what’s their annual income before issuing the loyalty cards.


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