Tips and takeaways from Container World 2018

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Earlier this year we exhibited at Container World, a “must attend” event for anyone looking to grow their organization’s containerization programs. We thought the show was illuminating, and we came back with so many observations and takeaways that we had to blog about them.

We certainly noticed some shifts in thinking around container adoption, DevOps, security, and solutions. Here are our key thoughts and takeaways:

Container adoption

A huge takeaway from Container World was the number of organizations using containers heavily in production. Some companies have fully integrated containers into all aspects of production, but a large swath of organizations are still testing to see how (and where) containers will fit within their organization. Some of the hesitancy stems from security concerns. Securing containers, images, and the hosts they run on will be impossible without the right tools.


While many organizations continue to test container adoption, nearly every attendee we spoke with had automated pipelines set up and were actively utilizing DevOps processes. This made it easy to discuss how CloudPassage Halo seamlessly integrates with common DevOps tools and techniques. (Learn about our DevOps solutions here).

Security interest and needs

We noticed a major shift in thinking when it comes to security – in a good way! Nearly all of the attendees we spoke with at Container World stressed their need to have a handle on security before deployment. Not that long ago it was the other way around, where an incident led to increased security practices, rather than proactive and preventative security being the standard. This shift is a major step in the right direction!

Along those lines, many attendees we spoke with were focused on securing images and containers. While this is an important step, it’s critical that the hosts containers run on are also secured properly. To do this, we recommend employing comprehensive security that secures hosts, images, and containers, from one simple platform.

Overall, Container World 2018 was an fantastic show. We had some interesting conversations about our favorite topic – how to secure an organization’s infrastructure, from top to bottom.


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