Top 10 anti-malware solutions by market share

    Interested in knowing the market share occupied by anti-malware vendors…? Then OPSWAT is the company that helps collect such data and publishes monthly market share reports for the Windows anti-malware market solutions.


    Note- The firm says that it has gathered the data from more than 30,000 enterprises and home systems from where customers installed the solutions from various companies as free apps.

    Coming to the list, Symantec stands as a top 1 vendor with a 13.56% market share.


    Second is ESET which has around 12.84% market share


    Third, it’s the name of Russian Cybersecurity vendor McAfee which is reported to have 12.21% market share


    Fourth comes Bitdefender’s name which occupies 10.77% of market share


    Kaspersky stands at 5th position with 7.66% market share

    Avast is reported to occupy a 6.98% market share


    Cylance -5.95%


    Webroot- 5.88%




    Sophos at 3.6%


    Note 1- In the year 2014 Avast managed to garner 13.2% of market share and by June 2017 the market share evolved to 20.48%- all thanks to the 2016 acquisition of AVG.


    Note 2- But from the year 2016, the Cybersecurity firm witnessed a downfall in its market share rankings as it recorded only 6.19% of market share in March’19.


    Note 3- OPSWAT researchers say that its report must not be used to make a selection of best vendors or to compare the firms based on quality and performance.


    Note 4- Vendors like Avira, Panda Security, and the Microsoft Windows Defender are missing.

    Naveen Goud
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