Toyota halts production because of Cyber Attack


Toyota has halted the production of cars in 14 of its Japanese plants due to computer systems malfunctioning and suppliers suspect that the disruption could have been caused because of a cyber attack of ransomware variant.

Kojima Industries Corp, that produces hybrid engines for upcoming cars such as Camry and Innova confirmed the news that the halt was because of a technical error appearing in its computer network caused by Russia, since, Japan has joined the list of countries supporting Ukraine, thus condemning Putin for waging war that resulted in bloodshed of hundreds of innocent populace.

Hino Motors and Daihatsu, the business units of Toyota, have remained silent on the details of attack. But on condition of anonymity, sources report that the disruption could have resulted from a digital invasion.

In the year 2014, a cyber attack took place on Sony Corp where hackers accessed and stole critical data related to the company and remotely blocked the operations for sometime.

Inquires made by the law enforcement agencies from United States revealed the attack as North Korea invasion done as a retaliation to a comedy broadcast made by the channel on the assassination of leader Kim Jong Un.

Note- Auto makers are already fed up with the shortage of silicon processor chip that have hindered the production of new model cars across the globe. And if companies like Toyota, considered being one of the top 3 car producers in the world, start halting the operations, then it could show a deep impact on the consumers who have booked the hybrid models- mostly.


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