Two Ransomware news headlines trending on Google


The Government of the United States has announced a $15 million reward to those who provide tip-off’s related to Conti Ransomware Group whereabouts and details related to their future attack campaigns.

FBI issued an estimate that the year 2021 witnessed a 60% rise in ransomware attacks launched by Conti Gang and the reward it might have received from its 1k victimized targets is $150 million.

Ned Price, the State Department’s spokesperson, said that the reward announcement shows the Biden led government’s commitment to blocking the future exploitation by cyber criminals through ransomware attacks.

To those interested in knowing more about the reward, here’s a gist. The reward will be set to be split into two- the $10m for offering info related to the gang members and $5m for leading to arrests of those conspiring with Conti.

Second is the news related to a ransomware attack launched on a US manufacturer of agricultural machinery named AGCO.

The ransomware gang that launched the attack is yet to be identified, but reports are in that it could be a notorious gang related to Russian Intelligence and could have launched the attack as AGCO donated a $50,000 fund to Ukraine civilians suffering from Russian war invasion.

The ransomware attack news came in when the FBI announced a week back that the whole of the farming and agriculture sector in America was vulnerable to cyber attacks launched by state funded hacking groups from Kremlin.


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