Uber Hack 2022 Details


Uber, the ride sharing app company that has its business presence in over 71 countries, is in news for wrong reasons. A hacker has claimed on Twitter that he has access to the internal systems of Uber, after he gained access to the servers via a vulnerability.

To cement his claims, that hacker has shared some screenshots of email systems, internal info that only the C-level employees of the mobility service provider have.

Preliminary inquiries reveal that the hacker first gained access to the slack messaging platform used by employees and then gained entry to the core IT systems of Uber. The gained access by the hacker includes systems linked to the company’s Amazon Web Services console, Vmware ESXi, virtual machines, Google Workspace and some app development data.

The New York Times that first reported the incident claims that the hacker gained access to the system by launching a social engineering attack on employees and after gaining the password, stole information that could be used later for extortion.

Reacting to the news, Uber shut down its entire Slack Messaging System until an inquiry into the cybersecurity breach is completed.

NOTE 1- Previously the ride sharing app, that is now into the food delivery business, was also stuck into a similar controversy. It paid $148 million in claims to settle down the suit related to the breach that exposed the personal details of about 25 million UBER users in the United States.

NOTE 2- An 18-year old hacker is suspected behind the incident and freshly received reports claim that the teenager sent obscene images on slack to claim the control of the corporate message platform with authenticity.


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