UK 5G Network company EE blocks 200 million phishing texts


Everything Everywhere shortly and widely known as EE, a UK based company that offers super-fast telecom and data network services based on 5G says that it has officially blocked 200 million phishing texts and over 11 million scammed calls to its users in the month of this year’s July alone.

The revelation comes just after a couple of days when another network provider revealed scamsters are circulating fake messages induced with the Apple Pay, Evri and NHS links that aren’t genuine in real and, in fact, are being sent to known banking details.

EE Network UK concluded Britain has become a fraud capital of the world, with nearly every 3 in 4 targeted by fake messages that the sole purpose of coming into existence is to steal banking details from over 40 million adults existing in the UK.

What’s concerning about the scam is the fact that most adults in the UK are also avoiding calls from genuine government organizations that are supposed to be working for their benefit. Like a letter being circulating on Twitter related to Department of Work and Pensions. It is not a fraud actually as the department is conducting a sure-shot survey via Robo calls to check whether the benefits are reaching the eligible.

It is turning into a tricky situation as people are missing out on genuine calls and texts that are actually meant to render benefits. And instead, are falling prey to fraudsters.

In July this year, about 1273 people fell prey to fraudsters, although the telecom companies are trying their best to keep their valuable customers out of such trouble. It is estimated that scamsters made around 93 thousand pounds by tricking innocent victims who were in mainly in the age group of 23 to 48.

EE UK Mobile has issued an advisory to its customers to open no suspicious texts and messages and reconfirm with the customer care of the company about the details. Also, the email addresses and the web portals sent by criminals will slightly be different. Avoid using passwords that are common and never put personal info, such as DoBs and contact numbers, on public domains such as websites, social media platforms, and on the Google search engine.


Naveen Goud
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