UK Energy firm suffers serious data breach

Peoples Energy, an energy distributor of UK, is said to have suffered a serious data breach where hackers reportedly accessed information of the company’s customers that includes information related to past customers as well.

Karin Sode, the company’s Co-founder confirmed the incident last week and stated that informing 270,000 customers about the data breach has started on a digital note.

Highly placed sources say hackers accessed sensitive details like names, addresses, data of births, phone numbers, tariff and the identification tags related to electric meters.

Scotland-based People’s Energy said that it has informed the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) about the breach and added that it has taken all necessary measures to curb such incidents in near future.

Security experts say that such type of hacking incidents do not pose as any serious financial risk as of now. But can turn risky in the future, as threat actors can use such details to launch phishing attacks.

A report published in a renowned publication of UK says that the said power firm that was founded in 2017 and offers 100% renewable energy has suffered a ransomware attack last month and since it did not bow down to their demands, they started leaking the stolen details in this month. However, a spokesperson from the company denied these media speculations as completely false.

Note- In a ransomware attack, hackers somehow infiltrate a network and steal a portion of data and then encrypt the entire database until a ransom is paid.

Naveen Goud
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