US deployed military cyber experts to thwart cyberattacks on US Polls 2020


With the media speculations getting ripe day by day that a foreign nation might influence the election results of 2020 in the United States, the white house appointed Cybersecurity experts with military-grade training to thwart cyberattacks of any range of the US Presidential 2020 polls.


Department of Homeland Security decided to protect the election infrastructure in September this year to keep out any foreign digital invasion on the polls until the results are declared.


“It is not the matter of Donald Trump or Joe Biden winning. It is to keep the adversaries out of the reach of influencing the elections”, said a spokesperson from DHS.


The spokesperson added that dozens of private and local security experts were hired to defend the infrastructure and have done their job to their best.


Moreover, both private and public companies willingly shared their malware detection systems to protect the voting systems from cyber attacks, to avoid any chaos on Election Day.


Dmitri Alperovitch, the CTO of CrowdStrike, stated that the cyber barriers put in place by the White House have worked as planned, at least by defending the electoral ballots in larger jurisdictions. And Mr. Alperovitch is sure that smaller localities might also have protected their election resources from cyber attacks, which might be revealed in a day or two.


“Protecting the election integrity in the wake of cyber invasions by securing the electoral ballots turns essential, especially, when nations like Russia and China along with Iran are trying their best to influence or disrupt the election process. And hope the fed has achieved utmost success in doing so”, says Suzanne Spaulding, the former DHS Cybersecurity Official who worked under the Obama Administration.


Note- From the early hours of November 3rd,2020, the US election day, many voters reportedly received Robo-Calls from unknown numbers asking them to either stay home or vote tomorrow. Media resources are reporting that such calls were heard by voters from Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, and Washington DC.

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