US Massachusetts Power Station reigning under Ransomware Attack


Ransomware news is out that all computers belonging to a power station located in Massachusetts were reigning under a ransomware attack and hopes of revival are bleak. However, the good news is that the officials at the power station are doing their best to clean up the database from the file-encrypting malware and have already achieved success in doing so on a partial note.


The Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD) is the power station in discussion and the station bosses are reported to have hired an outside IT Consultant to resolve the issue and bring back the servers to normalcy.


A source from RMLD stated that the IT staff of the power station was well capable of containing and resolving the incident. But as a matter of abundance, they have decided to go for outside help to ensure that the malware is pulled out from the database from the core.


After suffering downtime for two days on a consecutive note, the power station staff has confirmed via Twitter that the company’s website was back to normalcy.


As the electricity operations were never impacted by the ransomware attack, the consumers were unaware of the ransomware incident on RMLD.


Note 1- How the ransomware entered the electricity department’s network is yet to be probed.


Note 2- According to a study made by news resource NBC10 Boston, 1 in 6 Massachusetts communities have been targeted by ransomware and among them, most of them have recovered by paying the hackers the taxpayer’s money in exchange for the decryption key.

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