Vestas Wind Systems suspected Ransomware Attack


Vestas Wind Systems, a Denmark-based company that is into the manufacturing and installation of wind turbines, has announced that its systems were disrupted by a cyber attack that occurred on Friday and their recovery is in progress.

Although the spokesperson failed to acknowledge the attack as a ransomware variant; it appears to be an incident where data was stolen and the systems were encrypted to indulge in double extortion tactics later.

Vestas that is the largest wind turbine maker in entire world has released a statement on Monday- November 22nd,2021 claiming that data related to customers, employees and shareholders could be affected and recovery was underway.

The company that holds manufacturing operations in different countries assured the incident did not compromise applications and data related to supply chain operations and customers

After the corona virus imposed lock-downs, the turbine maker was found jostling with the raising costs of steel and cut down its profit outlook for the next two years. And now, such cyber attacks could cause a big dent to its profits in coming years, pushing the business and its global employee count of 25,000 into jeopardy.

NOTE- Ransomware is a kind of malware that encrypts a database until a ransom is paid. However, hackers spreading such file encrypting malware are seen stealing data at first and then encrypting the data storage server next. To ensure that they can earn a profit either by ransom payment or by selling the stolen data on the dark web.

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